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2018 Cybersecurity Predictions

The 2018 Cybersecurity Predictions by Aon's Cyber Solutions show the top trends that will impact the business in the next 12 months.

Since issuing our 2017 predictions, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the sophistication, scale, and impact of cyber attacks.

As companies strive to enrich their customer experiences through a spectrum of endpoints, ranging from mobile devices to automobiles, the attack surface has increased dramatically. With this ever-growing threat landscape comes a proportionate increase in the impact that cyber attacks have on enterprises, and the customers they serve.

This report draws on our experience working with boards and C-suites, as well as security and risk professionals to plan for, mitigate, and manage the expanding impact of cyber risk across the enterprise.

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Businesses adopt standalone cyber insurance policies as boards and executives wake up to cyber liability.

As the physical and cyber worlds collide, chief risk officers take center stage to manage cyber as an enterprise risk.

Regulatory spotlight widens and becomes more complex, provokingcalls for harmonisation. The EU holds global company to account over GDPR violation; big data aggregators come under scrutiny in the US.

Criminals look to attack businesses embracing the IoT, in particular targeting a small to mid-sized company providing services to a global organisation.

As passwords continue to be hacked, and attackers circumvent physical biometrics, multi-factor authentication becomes more important than ever before.

Criminals will target transactions that use points as currency, spurring mainstream adoption of bug bounty programs.

Ransomware attackers get targeted; Cryptocurrencies help ransomware industry flourish.

Insider risks plague organisations as they underestimate their critical vulnerability and liability, and major attacks continue to fly under the radar.
2018 Cybersecurity Predictions