30 March 2017
13:30 - 17:30

Conrad Beijing
29 North Dongsanhua Road, Chaoyang, 100027 Beijing, China

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With the “One Belt, One Road” initiative bringing China and its economic globalisation into the world’s spotlight, opportunities are aplenty. However, with opportunities comes risks – the complexity, scale, and consequences are at an unprecedented high.

The way an enterprise views and manages risks directly relates to its long-term development. With our global reach and expertise, Aon-COFCO can advise on and support Chinese enterprises through the entire project cycle. With tailored risk programmes to suit each individual enterprise’s globalisation strategy, Aon-COFCO will empower results for Chinese enterprises on the international stage.

The Symposium will see many eminent industrial representatives attend, including reputed industry experts, senior leaders of state-owned enterprises, famous enterprisers, and well-known scholars, and give you all-round perspectives of the industry, together with the many opportunities (and risks) present.

Why you should not miss the Symposium:

  • Hear about an industry pioneer’s globalisation journey – a detailed case study of a Chinese conglomerate becoming an international one
  • Emulate best practices in risk management – learn about the Gold Standard of project risk mitigation
  • Meet and network with industry experts at the Symposium – gain insights on market trends analysis and outlook
  • Share practical experience – discussions on risk management and workforce challenges in the globalisation process

Some highlights of the Symposium: 

On Globalisation

  • A Global Mindset for Overseas Investments
  • The Global Landscape for China’s Reform and Development
  • The Globalisation Journey of POWERCHINA

On Risk Management

On Workforce Challenges

  • The Essence of Organisation and Talent Management for Overseas Establishments
  • Health and Safety Risk Management for Overseas Staff
We look forward to meeting you in Beijing!

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Aon China Global Solutions Symposium 2017
Global Opportunities: Managing Volatility for Success